The Universe provides us with many signs to inform us when we are on the wrong path (really important) and when we are on the right path.
Today we will present you the warning signs from our universe.
These warning signs often happen in the form of unwanted events and circumstances.
The signs indicate that you actually go toward a low vibration frequency.
Your actions, feelings and thoughts are focused negatively and this situation is creating unwanted events and circumstances.

Your life will line up perfectly when your actions, feelings and thoughts are moving at a high vibrational frequency.
You will definitely have good luck and excellent timing. That is the main reason why you have to raise the vibration.
It is challenging for us to stay elevated all of the time, despite we are able to resonate at high vibrational frequency.
This is because the soul is not stuck to the higher, ethereal dimension, but stuck in a physical, slower and denser dimension.
Much lower vibrational energy than that of the soul, composes the simple makeup of our bodies and planet.
We can get back on track quickly as long as we pay attention to warning signs.
It would be perfect to take note of these signs from the universe.


• Unpleasant tastes, sounds or odor
• Breaking or losing your possessions
• Headaches
• Getting sick
• Arguments with your loved ones
• Uneasy gut feelings
• Unexpected bills or expenses in the mail
• Getting injured
• Snide remarks from others or receiving dirty looks
• Getting stuck in traffic
• Stubbing your toe

You need to adjust your frequency and center yourself if you experience some of these signs. Please stop when you will encounter some of these sings. Stop the conversation or do not keep working on that task because it will not lead you where you want to be.
Instead, step away from the situation, take a deep breath or even meditate. You will definitely stop the negative momentum if you catch these signs and respond immediately.
However, do not be obsesses with the warning sign, move on from it. Give attention to your actions, feelings and thoughts that resonate with the natural frequency of the soul!


Source: simplecapacity