Certain ailments may be discovered by some signs which most of the people don’t notice. Suchlike signs can be the length of your arms and legs, your waist size, the proportions of certain body parts, etc. Below you can read about some signs of our body that can tell a lot about our health condition.

Your Body Shape Reveals Your Health Condition
Finger length

Women whose index fingers are shorter than their ring finger, have two times more risk to suffer from osteoarthritis in older age. Men also are not an exception of this relation. In women it is a sign for lower levels of estrogen, a hormone which slows down the occurrence of bone diseases. People with this problem should exercise regularly and make sure to take the recommended dose of calcium.

Leg length

The British experts advise people with shorter legs to take more care about their liver condition. They found out that women with the size of the legs between 50 and 73 cm have higher levels of the liver enzymes which leads to certain liver diseases. This condition requires avoiding alcohol and other toxins.

Bra size

According to a study lead by the Canadian Medical Association, women that wear D sized bra in their twenties have 1,5 more chances to get ill from type 2 diabetes than those with smaller breasts. The experts found out that the fatty tissue in the breasts is hormone sensitive, so it affects the insulin resistance. To prevent diabetes an individual should keep a healthy body weight, have healthy and balanced nutrition and more physical activity.