Himalayan lamps have grown in popularity lately. You’ve probably seen it at a friend’s home or in a shop.
Besides that they are beautiful decoration, they also provide many health benefits.
As the name says they are made from a large piece of Himalayan salt. Inside they are hollow and a bulb is putted there.

Himalayan Salt Lamp In Your Home
Himalayan lamps are cleaning the air, and it’s like you have brought the outdoors inside. This is especially good for people with respiratory problems or allergies.
Clean air is full with negative ions. And these negative ions are good.
For example, at the beach, where the air is clean, the number of negative ions is really big. On the other side, in the city this number is 100 times lower.

Positive Ions

Positive ions come as a result of electronic equipment such as televisions, computers, microwaves, etc.
They can cause stress, allergies and insomnia.
Too many positive ions can impact your health, causing sleep interruptions, increased nervousness, increased free radical accumulation, increased bodily stress and increased brain fog.
So it is important to neutralize these ions in your air.

How it Works

The Himalayan lamps work that way by creating negative ions. The light from the bulb heats up the crystals in the salt, creating the negative ions.
The negative ions neutralize the positive ions. Too many positive ions can make you feel stuffy and sluggish.

Here is a list of issues where Himalayan salt lamp is helpful:

• allergies
• stress-related disorders
• blood system disorders
• insomnia and sleep disturbances
• respiratory problems
• headaches
• skin conditions
• colds
• rheumatism

Himalayan Salt Lamp In Your Home  1

Where to Put the Himalayan Salt Lamp

These lamps have a limited range. If you have one lamp it will not influence the air of the entire home. Only the air within the area of the lamp.
The best is to place the lamp in the room where the air is most impacted by electronic devices.

How to choose the Right Salt Lamp

There are many fake Himalayan salt lamps on the market. Be sure to purchase the lamp made from Himalayan salt crystals and that comes from the Himalayan region.
Note: If you notice that your lamp is wet or “sweaty” it is because the heat from the bulb. The surface of the lamp, which is salt actually, attract the water and it evaporates quickly.
By this evaporation process, the negative ions are generated