The Cancer Causes and Control journal published a study where it was revealed that Amish people are considered as the healthiest people in America because they virtually don’t have cancer within their population.
Originally, a study for Amish people was launched by researchers from Ohio State University, in order to see if their rates of cancer will be higher because of the lack of conventional medical care. But, what they discovered shocked them.

It was found that the Amish have the lowest rates of cancer of all populations in America.
This was the reason for researchers to look closely at their lifestyle and their diet.

Natural news reports:

The Amish people usually don’t smoke or drink and they are not sexually promiscuous, which make the researchers to believe that their lifestyle play an important role in the low rate of cancer cases.
Other examined factors include good physical shape. Most Amish work at farms, construction or other jobs that require great physical activity. While the rest of America enjoys in goods of science, medicine and technology, the Amish people work hard to produce food, build their houses and other useful goods, which experts recognize as a big contribute to their great health.
Another very important factor is the fact that they grow and raise all the food they consume. Actually, they eat healthy organic vegetables, fruits, milk, and meat that most Americans get very rare. The Amish food is grown and raised in the way how it should be, rich in enzymes, vitamins and nutrients.

Their commitment to simple but productive life with clean, local food is promoting their health in a way that the rest of Americans can only dream about.
Compared to a life of an average American, sitting all day in the office, eating processed and GMO food, popping prescription medications, it is very clear why the Amish people’s lifestyle is a better choice for healthier and longer life.