Today we will present you an amazing recipe by FitLifeTV that will help you whiten your teeth naturally and fast. You only have to create a turmeric paste and apply it over your teeth. In fact, turmeric decreases the risk of gum diseases, acts as a drug-therapy mouthwash and eliminates bacteria in your mouth.

CHow To Whiten Teeth Naturally With Turmeric


Here is the toothpaste recipe by FitLifeTV:
• A touch of peppermint oil
• A tbsp of coconut oil
• 2 capsules of turmeric

There has been anecdotal evidence of this turmeric paste. Moreover, claimed that many people in the last few years switched from teeth whitening strips to this paste.
The blogger Heather from this site also explains her addiction to the whitening strips. Unfortunately, her tips became slightly translucent and her teeth started to ache.
After this unpleasant situation, Heather switched to turmeric natural paste where she noticed instant difference with the first application.
You will be amazed of the results if you will do it constantly for a few days!