There are many different ways in which you can define somebody’s personality just by one look on that person.
These beliefs and theories usually relate some body parts with certain characteristic of that individual. There are some believes that even the shape and size of your finger nails have something to say about your character.
Certain characteristics were analyzed by measuring the scull and there is a popular belief that the space between a person’s eyes may say if that person is artistic or not.
The latest trends are more focused on nails shape. This trend was brought from Asia and it has spread rapidly through Europe and America.
No matter if you believe in this kind of test you should definitely have fun reading it.

shape and size of your finger nails

Look at the photo above, find your nail shape and read the interpretation of your character. Have fun!

1. Vertical long nails – peaceful character, imaginative, precise and creative person. These people get along with almost everybody.
2. Wide nails – wise, serious, theoretical, easily annoyed. These people always speak the truth and are good advisers to others.
3 & 4. Circle or egg shaped nails – positive, reasonable, relaxed and unique person. These people live by their own life rhythm and have many friends because they leave small things run their lives.
5. Square shaped nails –leaders, strong, brave and skillful. These people are serious and very often other people see leaders in them. But with the closest friends, they can be soft and compassionate.
6 & 7. Triangle shaped or inverts – innovative, smart, perfectionists, genuine. These people think faster and smarter than others, because of what they are very respectful.
8. Almond shaped nails – warmhearted, friendly, loyal and beautiful. These people are very pleasant and kind. Other people enjoy their company and their calmness in solving problems and situations.
9. Sword shaped nails – productive, inspiring, ambitious and focused. These people have positive influence to others, inspiring them in achieving their goals. They always see the bigger image and want to do their best.