Chemicals found in non-stick pans (cookware) ware invented to make cooking easier. The latest study has shown that these chemicals in the pans and pots may also be making some people fatter.

The PLOS medicine report has proved that the presence of perfluoroalkyl substance in these fast food wrappers, stain-resistant carpeting and non-stick cookware cause cancer and high cholesterol as well as rapid gain weight.
These findings have proved the relations between the current epidemic of obesity with environmental chemicals. The researchers wrote that these chemicals can cause adverse effects.
The study that was conducted by the nutritionist Qi Sun has shown that people who were on a 6-month weight loss plan regained nearly half the weight they lost due to the highest levels of PFASs in their system.
Women with the highest levels of PFASs actually gained 5 pounds more compared to women with lower PFAS levels.
The higher levels of this chemical in the body can really change your metabolism. In fact, these non-stick chemicals are impossible to be avoided because they are used in many items. PFAS is consisted in microwave popcorn bags, fast food wrappers, food packaging materials etc. Reduce your exposure to these chemicals by avoiding those foods!


Article source: sacramento