Nestlé has gained an enormous reputation as one of the most immortal corporations in the world and it has a long history of questionable moral decisions.
Their “bottled water standards”, manipulation of uneducated parents especially mothers and the involvement in deforestation caused many global issues.

One of the worse things about this company is that it had trapped a natural spring in California and afterwards they were actually bottling and selling the water to local people who had been hit with droughts.

Nestlé is actually pulling the wool in front of public’s eyes. The chairman of Nestlé – Peter Brabeck shared his view of humanity. In the following video he shows his support for GMO’s and he reveals how he considers water shouldn’t be given human right.

Corporate Watch published the lack of human concern of this corporation:

“This company involves the abuse of endangered water resources in the production of mineral water. The over pumping has caused depletion and long term damage in the region of Brazil (Serra da Mantiqueira)!

“Nestlé was dramatically criticized for child slavery for buying cocoa from Ghana and Ivory Coast. In 2001 BBC has published an investigation where thousands of young children in Togo, Burkina Faso and Mali where actually being bought from their parents and then moved to the cocoa farms in the Ivory Coast as salves!


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