Every year 3 000 000 new patients are diagnosed with some type of cancer. We know how dangerous chemotherapy can be, so more and more people are searching for help in alternative and natural methods against this evil disease.
The seeds of plums, apricot and other fruits are full with vitamin B17. The biggest concentration of B17 vitamin can be found in apricots, the bitter almonds, apples, nectarines, plums, pears, lemons, cherries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and others.

Vitamin B17 The Biggest Cover-Up In The History Of Cancer
The vitamin b17 molecule contains one unit of cyanide, one of benzaldehyde and two units of sugar, which locate the malignant cells, when released in the human body.
Malignant cells need sugar for maintenance and growth. These malignant cells have more beta-glucosidase activity than the normal cells have in conjunction with benzaldehyde and cyanide from the core. This beta glucosidase enzyme can be found in a small unit in other healthy cells, but doesn’t poison them.
We know that cancer loves sugar. The cyanide from the seeds (apricots, apples, plums, etc.) is surrounded by sugar. So, when the cancer begins to eat the sugar it will be poisoned by cyanide.
It is very important not to consume any other sugar, so the cancer cells can eat only sugar with cyanide.
One seed is for a 2.5 kilos weight. Measure your weight and divide it with 2.5. The amount you will get is the daily intake of seeds. The daily average amount is around 30 seeds.
You should chew and soak with saliva each seed and then swallow it.

With Vitamin B 17 – Amygdalin – Laetrile

This lifesaving vitamin was discovered 30 years ago. The top scientists who discovered it claimed that when the B17 enter the body, it is certain that the person will not develop cancer ever, and those who already had it, will be able to kill it.
Pharmaceutical companies tried to disprove it immediately, and required the FDA to examine and study the B17.
You can find the results of these studies in the book of Edward Geifina – “World without Cancer”.
Drug companies together with their partner forces the FDA to ban selling and presentation of B17 and all products that contain B17.
The major pharmaceutical companies cover up the symptoms of cancer with their drugs and chemotherapies, because they need to make money on the diseases. If the body heals with the help of natural vitamins and foods then cannot make money.
Today we cannot find raw apricot seed, only dried. And the important enzymes are killed by the sun.
35 years ago the apricot seeds cure was declared as a cure for cancer. The claim that you can prevent cancer if you consume 7 apricot seeds daily.
The highest amount of B17 is in almond seeds. And the bitter almonds tree is illegal in the U.S. The almond seeds can be used in combination with Leatril, the cancer therapy. But shops don’t sell apricot raw seeds. There are also B17 tablets. One tablet, or two (100 mg) are acceptable substitutes for 7 or more seeds a day.

All about vitamin B 17

Seven healthy properties of flax seed
Flax seed is also high in B17. The flaxseeds and the linseed oil have omega 3-fatty acids which have a positive impact on our health.
Here we will show you some ways where the flax can help you:
1. Flax supports the heart health and the cardiovascular system. High levels of omega -3 acids decrease the levels of bad cholesterol. These fatty acids you can also find in algae and fish oil.
2. Flax is good for colon health. It reduces the constipation, because of its anti-cancer properties, and act as a natural lubricant, because of high amounts of fiber.
3. Flax seed strengthens immunity. Children who take a teaspoon or less of flax seed oil daily have less inflammation of the respiratory system.
4. Fats from the flax are good for the brain development. So, it would be useful if the mother consumes one tablespoon of flax oil during pregnancy and when breastfeeding.
5. Flax is good for skin health. It is recommended for patients with eczema, dry skin or are allergic to the sun.
6. It is good for people who have diabetes, because it stabilizes levels of blood sugar.
7. The fats in flax help in losing weight.



Source: naturalhealingmagazine.com