Nowadays we still take small steps to live more ethical lives, with no harm to any living being. We may start by reducing meat and dairy consumption. And of course, avoid animal leather products.

Vegan Leather Is Now A Thing And You Wont Believe What It Is Made Out Of

The usage of leather is still extremely common!

No matter how aware we are, yet many of us forget to notice how often, every day, we use products that are made out of leather.
Maybe we don’t hunt animals and maybe we don’t wear fur coats , but we sure use products such as furniture, vehicles, belts, shoes, shirts, books, hats, wallets that are made from leather,
But there is a great news that there is someone who used the recycling technique to create a new alternative to leather, a Vegan approved product, named Piñatex™.

Piñatex™ is made by Ananas Anam

Piñatex is a new “leather” that is created from a sustainable natural textile with a high performing, which is made from fiber waste from plants.
Piñatex is placed in the Philippines, where it is made from pineapple leaf fibers.
Besides saving lives, this new approach will help and support local farmers in a new way. They can make this products without the extra need for water, fertilizer, land or pesticides, using only waste products from their pineapple farms.
This is incredible idea to make something useful out of something that is thrown away and to stop killing innocent animals for their skin. And it would be a success for all of us if these products are used worldwide in our homes, cars, or for clothing and fashion accessories.
At the end, we are the one responsible for the mother Earth and for the killing of a thousand animals for our meaningless needs.
Below you can see an infographic that shows how this process works.

vegan leather