As we get older the joint pain is unavoidable. It comes with years. Maybe we cannot stop getting older, but we might take care for our body. There are natural solutions for almost every health issue.
Today we will present you powerful natural remedy to treat rheumatism and joint pain.
This effective remedy doesn’t have side effects, which is very important.

Use This 2-Ingredient Oil For 7 Days And Say Goodbye To The Rheumatic Joint Pain

Needed ingredients for this remedy:

• 2 cups of olive oil
• 2 fresh hot chili peppers
• 1 glass jar

Method of Preparation:

Preparation is very simple.
Wash and chop the chili peppers into small pieces. Then, crush them with a fork.
Place them in the jar and over them pour the olive oil.
You should keep the jar in a dark place. Leave it for about 7 days.

How to use it:

The procedure is very simple. Put the mixture on the affected part and cover it with a towel, some piece of cloth, sock, whatever you have at that moment.
Leave it for 15 minutes. You will feel that the affected area is burning, but that is ok.
Repeat this method 2 times every day.

Within one week all the joint pain will disappear. But, besides this remedy, it is very important to we watch what we eat. Fruits and vegetables are must. Consuming the pineapple is a plus, because this fruit has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
If you are satisfied share this recipe with your family and friends.