Bug infestations can be very annoying and also embarrassing when your home is invaded by stubborn pests.
You can always hire an exterminator, but they use chemical pesticides, that release toxic fumes and can be dangerous for the pets and humans also.

Use These Effective Solutions To Make Your House Bug-Free Without Chemicals

Try these 5 natural ways to make your house bug-free.

1. Citrus

Most bugs, especially spiders, don’t like citrus fruits. They have sensitive taste buds located on their legs, and they hate the taste of lemon, lime and orange.
To make non-toxic repellent, in 1 liter of water, add 5 drops of your dishwashing liquid and 5 drops of essential oil.
If you want a stronger pesticide, just add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.
Spray this mixture to the places where the bugs are.

2. Cucumber

Cucumber is great to keep ants away. Put the slices of cucumber around the baseboard, cracks and door frames. It works the same as poisonous ant-repellent.

3. Cedar

Cedar wood is the best for preventing your clothes from awful moths. You can keep an open bag of mulch where your clothes are or use cedar coat hangers.

4. Dried Mint Leaves

To keep the black flies away, hang dry peppermint leaves on your porch and in your pantry. Plus, your home will smell fresh and clean.

5. Sprinkle Garlic and Pepper

If you sprinkle ground pepper and garlic powder near cupboards, window sills and door frames, it will keep the bugs away. Sprinkle new spices every few weeks.

6. Spray Vinegar

Mix some water with vinegar and spray it everywhere you notice spiders. Be sure to spray the crack and crevices and other area from where the bugs are getting inside your home.

Other Important Tips

Keep Your Yard Clean: Grass, leaves, piles of wood or clipping, attract spiders and all the bugs. So if you keep your garden sanitary they won’t crawl into your home.

Keep Your Home Clean: Most pests prefer a humid environment, and the best way is to invest in a dehumidifier. Keeping your home clean will keep the bugs away.