We all want to have beautiful and soft hands, especially because that is the part of our body which gets in contact with other people every day through shaking. But, if the skin on your hands is dry and cracked, it can be a problem.
Here we are offering two natural recipes that will help you cure cracked skin on your hands.

Two Natural Recipes That Will Help You Heal Cracked Skin On Your Hands
Sauerkraut Juice Treatment

Pour some sauerkraut juice in a bowl. In another bowl put some water and boil a few potatoes. Then, add the same amount of the water from the potatoes to the bowl with the sauerkraut juice. Soak your hands in the bowl for 15 minutes. Do this at least two times per week. After a couple of treatments, the skin on your hands will become soft and smooth, the redness and dryness will disappear.
It is necessary to apply an oily hand cream afterwards. It’s best to do this treatment in the evening, so that the cream will remain on your hands during the night (use cotton gloves).

A Covering For Cracked Skin

This is the covering that is made egg yolk, small piece of banana and a tablespoon of olive oil. Mix all the ingredients and apply the mixture on your hands. Put on nylon disposable gloves. Leave it like that for 10 minutes, and then remove the gloves. With a cotton swab gently remove the remains of the covering.