Garlic as one of the healthiest food should be consumed every day. It is full with healthy nutrients that prevent and treat different health problems:
• It is good against liver issues and diseases
• It cleanses the arteries and purifies the blood
• It prevents and treats baldness
• It is very helpful with respiratory problems
• It relieves all the symptoms of flu and cold

This Woman Puts Garlic Under Her Sons Pillow Every Night

Did you know that ancient Egyptians chewed raw garlic while they were building the pyramids? They already knew its medicinal and antibiotic properties.
The most effective compound in garlic is allicin, which powers increases when we crush the garlic. But if we cook it, we will destroy those powers, and that’s why the best is to crush the garlic, leave it to stay 15 minutes and then consume it.
If you have the problem with the odor, you can add parsley or vegetable oil to eliminate it.

Why put garlic under the pillow?

Maybe you’ve already heard that some persons put raw garlic under the pillow, before sleep, in order to improve their sleep. Others, for good luck, put garlic in the pockets.
Many people in different countries rub the pots and pans with garlic, to eliminate the negativity from the spirits that contaminated the food.
This is the simple reason why you should try this method. Place a garlic clove under your pillow or put it in your pocket. It will help you to have good sleep and it will eliminate the negative energy around you.
Many people believe in this, so you have nothing to lose if you try it.