Nobody likes to do laundry. And the most annoying is when, after all your effort, the stain remains. To afford a good detergent is expensive.
But, don’t worry. We have a simple solution that will make your clothes fresh with minimum effort and cost.
In this article we will share ten things that will help you to enjoy in bright, white and fresh clothes.
The best thing about this, is that you will need only one ingredient. White vinegar!

This Will Make Your Clothes White Bright And Fresh No Chemicals Cheap And Easy

So, here is the list:

1. You can replace your cloth softener with a white vinegar. Pour it in the washing machine just like you do with your fabric softener. Both, they give the same effect. But, vinegar is softer and more environment friendly.

2. Acid from white vinegar can remove stains and sweat from the white clothes.

3. Vinegar can reduce the soap residue, can enhance the power of the detergent, and maintain the clothes color. Before you put the clothes into the washing machine, add a 1/2 cup of white vinegar on them.

4. After washing, usually there is a residue from the detergent in the clothes. And this is not good for the skin. To avoid the residue stay on your clothes, add ½ a cup of white vinegar.

5. Actually, white vinegar can combat all the unpleasant smells.

6. Add half a cup of white vinegar into a container with hot water. Soak the dirty clothes and leave them overnight. Wash them as usual the next day. If still there are some stains, spray the clothes with white vinegar and gently rub them.

7. White vinegar can help you to remove animal hairs and fuzz from the fabrics.

8. The acid from the vinegar can help you with static charge.

9. If you prefer hand wash, add 6 tbs. of white vinegar and soak the clothes for half an hour. You can also add white vinegar when washing underwear and swimwear.

10. White vinegar can also clean your washing machine and remove all the stains.