Nail fungus might be a serious health issue. Usually the fungal attack is treated with antibiotics, but they don’t always give wanted results.
Luckily, natural medicine has a solution for this issue. Just keep in mind that as earlier you start with the treatment results will come faster.

Remove Your Nail Fungus Forever
Nail Fungus Home Remedy

The only two ingredients in this natural and effective home remedy for nail fungus you already have in your kitchen: baking soda and apple cider vinegar.
Baking soda is alkaline and apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature. Mixing these two substances will give the perfect combination which is ideal for fighting fungi and germs, because they only prosper in an imperfect pH range.

The Recipe

Needed Ingredients:
Baking soda
• Apple vinegar
• Warm water

Method of Preparation:
In a washbowl pour apple cider vinegar enough to soak your nails. Keep it in an apple cider vinegar for 20 minutes. Pat them well. Fill the washbowl with warm water. Soak your feet again, for 20 minutes. Then, add a cup of baking soda. Leave your feet for additional 20 minutes.
Repeat this treatment several times a day.

Important notice:
Your feet need to be clean and dry before the treatment.

Wearing pip-toe shoes is recommended because fungi thrive in moist and dark environment.
Daily pedicure with a brush and tea tree oil is also important.
If you repeat the treatment for a several weeks, your problem with nail fungus will disappear.
There are few types of apple cider vinegar on the market, but the one that has weird material floating at the bottom is the right one.