The bottom of our feet has strong and direct access points to all the organs in our body, through the meridians that are known in Chinese medicine. The meridians are actually pathways to each organ in the body. The meridian system is closely connected with the nervous system.

onions in your socks 1


The bottom of our feet has approximately 7000 different nerve endings (basically meridians) directly linked to the internal organs.
They are powerful electrical circuits, and that’s why it is recommended to walk barefoot, to stimulate the meridians and to ground ourselves with the earth’s negative ion field.

One of the ways, to open these meridians or electrical pathways, and purify our internal organs, is to put onion or garlic in the socks while sleeping.
When applied to the skin, onion and garlic kill bacteria and germs, and then phosphoric acid (the substance that makes us cry) enters the bloodstream and helps in purifying the blood.

onions in your socks

Here, we will present you, the simple way to kill bacteria and germs, and to purify your blood.

1. For this treatment, it is recommended to use an organic onion, free of pesticides and chemicals.
First cut the onions into slices, and apply them to the bottom of the foot.
2. While you sleep, the onion healing powers will enter through the skin (a trans-dermal application), purify your blood, kill germs and bacteria and also will absorb all toxins.
Plus, onions are good at purifying the air.
It is known that in England, during plagues, many people would chop onions and place them in the room in order to purify the air, and to kill the bacteria.

In the picture below, you can see the organs within the body and the meridian connection points.


Once more, here are the health benefits of putting onions in your socks, while you sleep.

1. Purify the blood: Onions are rich in phosphoric acid, and when applied and absorbed it purifies the blood.

2. Kills germs, bacteria and pathogens: Onions (also garlic) have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties!

3. Purify the air: The smelly onion will purify the air, pull all the toxins out of your feet and make them smell better.