Soda is an everyday drink for most of the Americans.
People don’t even think how dangerous is for their health. For example, in the U.S people consume 57 gallons of soda per person, each year.
So let see how harmful soda really is.

This Drink Damages Your Bones

Cola soda contains caffeine and phosphoric acid.
The Framingham Osteoporosis Study linkes daily cola intake with lower BDM (bone mineral density). They examined 1413 women and 1125 men, and found lower BMD in women’s hips, which are more disposed to bone loss than men.
This phenomena is connected to too much phosphorus in the body. Too much phosphorous inhibit calcium absorption. They assume that phosphoric acid from cola percolate calcium out of bones.
Another study suggests that too much caffeine leads to calcium loss, and can cause bone loss.

Here are some reasons why to avoid cola:

1. Extra Pounds

One of three children and two of three adults in the U.S are obese. Daily soda consumption is one of the reasons.
Soda consumption makes you gain visceral fat. This fat gathers around the organs and can increase the risk of heart disease.

2. Liver Damage

Soda, and other sugary drinks are full with fructose, which can harm the liver. It’s one of the main causes for non-alcoholic liver disease.
Less than two can of Coke per day can increase the risk of fatty liver and also liver cirrhosis and heart disease.

3. Tooth Decay

Drinking soda damage tooth enamel, tooth erosion and increase the risk of cavities. This reaction lasts for 20 minutes after every sip.
Soda can reach beyond enamel surface and corrode through composite filings. The damage is bigger to the children’s teeth, because they are not fully hardened and developed.

4. Kidney Disease

3, 000 women over 20 years were examined in a study, which revealed that women who drinks soda had a 30% bigger reduction in kidney function, compared to those who don’t drink soda.
Another Japan study found out that drinking soda make protein loss through urine, and this is a marker of kidney disease and heart disease.

5. Diabetes

People who are drinking 1-2 cans of soda per day, have a 26% bigger risk to develop type 2 diabetes.
These people also have a 20% higher risk of heart disease and a heart attack.

We hope these reasons were enough to make you stop drinking soda and other sugary beverages.
Tea or some vegetable juice is always a healthier option.


Source: dailyhealthpost