Regular face massage is essential for both women and men over 30. With aging our skin goes through many various phases. In our 30s the skin starts to lose its elasticity and the hypodermis is more visible.
This method of teaspoon massage can help you preserve your youthful and beautiful look and it will only need 10 minutes a day of your time.
Renée Koch, a German dermatologist was first to recommend this method.

So, why is spoon massage treatment so good?
This is a very simple treatment that you can perform it in the comfort of your home. The spoon massage will help you eliminate the extra fluids from the tissues, make your skin more elastic improving the blood circulation, reduce the wrinkles and tone the skin. And what’s more it’s totally free of charge. You should expect visible results in only ten days.
Performing this massage is very simple. You will need 3-4 teaspoons, one glass of cold water (some ice cubes may be needed for the water) and a cup with some warmed oil. You can use sunflower, olive, marigold or flaxseed oil.

Instructions for the treatment:
1. First, remove your makeup as usual and apply your moisturizing cream. In the meanwhile disinfect the spoons with some alcohol and put them in the cold water.
2. Place the cooled teaspoons on your upper eyelids. Leave them there for a few seconds. Do this five times. Once the spoon is warm, replace it with cold one. Perform the same procedure with the lower eyelids. This treatment will help reduce dark circles and puffiness.
3. Next step is to soak the teaspoons in some warmed oil and then start your facial massage. With some mild pressure, move the teaspoons along these lines:
• From the upper part of your nose to the temples and hairline
• With circular motions on the eyelids, starting from the inner corner and getting back there
• Massage the lines from your cheeks, your nostrils to your temples
• Line that starts on your chin and goes to your temples
• Massage line from the neck’s base to the chin
• Every line should be treated for at least ten times
Soak the teaspoon in some more oil if it is not moving easily.
Perform this massage for 10 minutes, but if you want you can increase the time gradually, starting with 1-2 minutes the first day and then prolong the time for a minute each day.
Expect to feel some positive results after the first face massage. Your face will look fresh and relaxed.

Below is the video for this treatment: