Every person has troubles remembering things at some occasions and some people experience this harder than others. Fortunately, there is a natural way to enhance your memory, and all you have to do is a simple sniff!
Maybe you have heard that nuts can boost your memory,or that coffee can also stimulate your memory, but did you know that one amazing herb has been used to improve memory for hundreds of years and that is rosemary.

The One Herb You Need to Sniff to Enhance Your Memory
How Can Rosemary Improve Memory?

One study suggests that rosemary can break down acetylcholine, a chemical found in our brain. This helps the nerve cells to communicate among each other.
This study consisted of a series of tests. One group of people was placed in a room where there was a diffuser filled with rosemary essential oil. After they were exposed to this aroma for some time the instructors ask them to perform some tasks like finding objects for a specific period of time.
Another group of people were placed in another room without the rosmary aroma and were asked to do the same thing. The study showed that those who experienced the rosemary aroma performed much better results than those who were not exposed to this scent.
These tests suggest that exposure of the aroma of rosemary can provide long-term memory and intellectual memory in adults. If you are exposed to this aroma regularly, it may actually help you remember some important things that you have to do every day!

Include Rosemary in your Everyday Life!

Rosemary gives a special flavor to many different meats including pork, lamb, chicken and rabbit. Also, it goes great with roasted vegetables like potatoes, carrots, beets, and garlic.
Add rosemary to your barbecue or salad!
Additionally, you can put rosemary oil in your rooms to add a pleasant scent. No matter which way you choose to use rosemary, your brain will be grateful for it!