The process of losing weight requires a lot of effort, but what is more important is to firstly understand how the body accumulates and burns fat. If you know how to activate your fat burning hormones, then you can enjoy a trim and lean body and overall health. Following these 3 simple steps will help you activate your body’s hormones for burning fat.


Cut Out Sugar

Cookies, sweetened sodas and other sweet delights are just empty calories standing between you and your weight loss goals. Also, white bread, starchy vegetables and some pasta have sugars that can make fat burning a real challenge. Cutting sugar from your nutrition will stimulate your body to use the accumulated fat for energy instead of the everyday portions of food.

Include The Good Stuff Into Your Diet

Adding more fruits, vegetables and whole grains to your nutrition will do wonders for your metabolism. Also, consider replacing fruit juices and sodas with water or lemon water as well as herbal teas. And stick to a precise eating schedule which consists of 2or 3 small meals per day. When your body doesn’t receive extra calories, it will not have other option but to reach for the stored fat for energy. And then you will see how the fat fall off your body very quickly.

Increase Your Exercise Routine

The third important step when trying to lose weight is adding some daily exercise to stimulate the burning of your stored fat. Even half an hour of exercise or a simple walk in the park will send your body a signal to start the fat burning process.