Stomach bacteria is a condition that is very usual among people. Treating bacteria may be a very long and exhausting process, for which the doctors will probably prescribe you some strong antibiotics. In the article below we are presenting a home remedy for the stomach bacteria that is claimed to be effective in different forums.
Figs combined with olive oil are a potent cure for stomach bacteria.
The method of preparation for this remedy is very easy and simple. Put 35 dried figs in a big jar. You can cut the figs in pieces for better combining with olive oil. Then fill the jar with extra virgin olive oil. Close the jar tightly and leave it rest for at least 40 days.
After this period of time the remedy is ready for use. Take one fig every morning on an empty stomach. Also, you should take 1 tsp. of olive oil.

remedy-for stomach bacteria 1

To obtain good results using this remedy you should also adapt your nutrition to the treatment. Consume steam cooked food without adding too many spices. Avoid eating sour food, meet products and fatty meats.
Use organic and cold-pressed oils for preparing your meals. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables. Different experiences show that figs in combination with olive oil can be beneficial for many other illnesses than stomach bacteria, such as hemorrhoids, constipation, intestinal diseases, bronchitis, asthma and infertility.