In present years we are more aware that a good nutrition plays an important role in many serious medical conditions, cancer as well. This awareness, in part, comes from the unscientific evidence of people that have treated cancer with a proper nutrition and end up with success. Every day we read about some natural cancer-fighting remedy and stories about people fighting their battle with cancer.

One example is the case of a young man named Chris Wark. He was 26 when diagnosed with colon cancer- Stage 3. While he did go through surgery to help with treatment, he rejected chemotherapy and instead choose to treat cancer with diet. He lives cancer free to present day.

Chris Wark’s Diet

His diet can be described and categorized as “raw vegan”. The accent is put on a great variety of uncooked vegetables and fruits. It is important to know that this salad below has no cheeses, meats, eggs or commercially salad dressing. Another thing that is also important is that Chris doesn’t eat raw veggies and raw fruits together, yet he does consume them both throughout the day. According to him, 7 to 10 servings of vegetables and fruits is perfect for helping the organism heal itself .He is a big supporter of foods like this salad whose recipe you can see it below. The salad is full of antioxidants and dietary fiber that can strengthen the body to fight this disease.

salad cancer-fighting remedy

Cancer-Fighting Salad


• Broccoli
Leafy green vegetables
• Leeks, sliced
• Zucchini, cut into thin medallions
• Artichokes, chopped
• Mushrooms, chopped
• Purple cabbage, shredded
• Onions, diced
• Avocado, chunked
• Cauliflower, chopped
• Peppers (green, red or yellow), cut into thin pieces
• Squash, cut into medallions
• Sprouted almonds, sunflower seeds, mung beans, lentils and garbanzo beans


Mix all these vegetables together in order to make the salad. For topping you can use fermented food like onions, sauerkraut or pepper. Fermented foods contain probiotics and can help restore the natural bacteria living in the gut. This bacteria play an important role in the immune system and general health. Use homemade vinaigrette for dressing the salad made of apple cider vinegar, olive oil, apple and fresh oregano, turmeric, garlic and cayenne pepper.

Additional Information

Chris Wark recommends that, a person using nutrition to fight against cancer should also eat foods rich in quercetin, a powerful flavonoid with anti-carcinogenic properties. The perfect sources of quercetin are purple or red-colored vegetables and fruits like apples, tomatoes, red onions, raspberries and cranberries, and also green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits.
In conclusion, for people that are trying to heal cancer naturally, changes in nutrition like those discussed above are definitely worth considering. The thing that kept Wark healthy is the combo of surgery and a disciplined raw vegan diet. This recipe for a salad that he recommends is absolutely healthy and would be excellent for anyone, no matter if he is a cancer patient, to improve the overall health of the body.