Garlic is a vegetable widely used in almost all cultures in the world for its amazing medicinal values.
Garlic is frequently used in most Chinese dishes, not only to boost the flavor, but also for its powerful and endless health benefits.

Chopped Garlic

Garlic’s Nutritional Profile

Garlic is a great source of vitamins A, C and B-complex. It contains a good amount of minerals like manganese, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, copper and iron.
It also contains essential oils, amino acids, glycosides, and the rare important trace minerals like tellurium, germanium and selenium.
Garlic contains a substance called allium which is a phytochemical also present in onions, chives, shallots and leeks.
It is amazing that garlic contains more than twelve types of anti-oxidants. This vegetable is one of the few foods that does not lose its health properties with cooking. However, raw garlic has also other health benefits.

Health Benefits

Garlic has strong anti-microbial effect that effectively fights bacteria, fungi, viruses, intestinal parasites, yeast, etc.
It has immune booster and natural antibiotic ability, and is as a potent anti-oxidant, helps eliminate the free radicals in the organism.
Take 2-3 cloves daily to see how efficient garlic is in a variety of disorders:

Cancer prevention: Garlic has strong anti-cancer properties and it helps decrease the cancer risk, especially colon and stomach cancer.

Anticoagulant: Garlic provides a natural and efficient blood-thinning method, which is safer than using an aspirin which may cause stomach bleeding. That means that it can prevent thrombosis—blood flow blockage caused by blood clots.

Common cold: If you have a cold take 1-2 cloves of garlic. It works as a cold medication, helps relieve congestion and brings quick recovery.

Cholesterol: Garlic juice greatly reduces the oxidation of the cholesterol in the blood and the plaque build-up in arteries, therefore, decreasing the risks of heart disease.

Diabetes: Just one clove of garlic per day will help you lower blood sugar level.

Fungal infections: Drinking raw garlic juice is effective in treating fungal infections or ear infections. Also applying the juice to the affected area will soothe the itch.

Hypertension: Garlic helps in the cleansing of the arterial deposits, thus normalize blood pressure.

Toxicity: The sulfur content in garlic greatly helps in blood detoxification, from toxins, lead and other heavy metals.

Peptic ulcer: Consuming garlic helps against the stomach bacteria and parasites which cause peptic ulcers.

Wind: Taking small amounts of garlic can help relieve stomach gas.

Consumption Tips

We are aware that raw garlic is not that easy to eat, but knowing all the good health benefits it has, should be a great reason to include it in your daily diet. Just sneak 1-2 cloves of garlic in your favorite juice recipe.

Special Tip!!

This magical remedy you should prepare and consume before going to bed:

Half an hour after you had dinner, do this …

Take 2 cloves of garlic and finely chop them. Leave it exposed to the air for a while. The chopping releases the powerful enzyme alliinase from the garlic.
Put the chopped garlic in a teaspoon and swallow it with some water. You can add a little honey if you wish.
The garlic and honey mixture will travel through your entire digestive tract during your sleep and will neutralize all the toxins, viruses, carcinogens, harmful bacteria, fungi, foreign substances before they can harm the healthy cells.
The sulfur from the garlic will also detoxify the liver of toxins, lead and heavy metals that are going to be flushed out the next morning.
Swallowing the garlic will not provide garlic breath, as long as you do not chew it.
When you wake up the next day, drink a big glass of water. You will notice that your first bowel movement has a strong garlic odor, which means that the harmful material has been disposed of from your body. Try it!

Note Of Caution

Garlic is a very powerful medicinal herb. Consuming 1-2 raw cloves daily is enough for you to get a charge out of all the health benefits it offers.
Garlic has an ability to thin the blood, therefore, don’t take garlic with other anti-coagulant drugs. Also, avoid taking too much garlic. Though rare, garlic taken in high doses may trigger some health issues for some persons-causing anemia, excessive gas, diarrhea, weight loss or asthma.
It is safe to consume raw garlic at any time, but if you eat raw garlic daily, don’t take it on an empty belly as it may be a little sharp on the stomach.