If you are struggling to lead a healthy life and consume an alkaline diet, sometimes is hard to buy and intake all the needed greens. Especially in the time of winter, when is hard to find greens. That’s why wheatgrass is a great alternative. It is easy for growing and doesn’t take so much time to juice. With your daily wheatgrass shot you’ll be sure that you’ve taken all the nutrients you need.

So, what is wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass grows from the sprout of wheat kernels. Just soak them, let them sprout for a couple of days, and when the length of the shots is about 10 cm cut them and then juice them. The taste of wheatgrass is very strong so you can mix it with orange juice or coconut water. Start with 30 ml a day and built up to 250 ml a day.

wheat grass shot

Why is wheatgrass so good for your health

30 ml of wheatgrass juice has around 103 different nutrients, vitamins and minerals we need to thrive. And it has the equal amount of nutrients as 1200 grams of greens. It is also a great source of protein and essential amino acids.

Wheatgrass Provides Oxygen

Among other nutrients wheatgrass juice is especially high in chlorophyll. It contains 70% chlorophyll and provides more oxygen and for your body. Wheatgrass builds and cleanses the blood due to the high level of chlorophyll.

Wheatgrass Helps Get Rid Of Toxins

Chlorophyll has the ability to extract the toxins from your body. This so called cleansing is super essential for the body. Everyone should find a natural way to remove the toxins out of their body.
Therefore, start drinking wheatgrass every day and you’ll do a big favor to your body.