Many scientific studies conducted by the Health News International have shown that cancer is strongly connected to the processed foods.The researchers warned that the rapid consumption of these foods can significantly increase the risk of cancer.

Ready meals, sugary cereals, fizzy drinks, snacks, baked goods and processed meat products represent processed foods. These foods are lacking fiber and vitamins but are containing large amounts of salt, fat and sugar.
These ultra processed foods significantly increase the risk of cancer including bowel (colorectal), bowel, prostate and breast cancer.

These findings are based on a French study which included 104.980 adults (78% women and 22% men).
All the foods were grouped according to medical records, declarations, cases of cancer etc.
There are several known risk factors for cancer – physical activity, smoking status, family history of cancer, educational level, sex, age, were taken into account!


The results has shown that a 10% increase in the proportion of processed food in the nutrition was related with increases of 11% in the risk of breast cancer and 12% in the risk of overall cancer. No significant relations were found for colorectal and prostate cancer.

Additional testing found no significant relations between less processed foods such as unpacked bread, cheese and canned veggies and risk of cancer, while the consumption of minimally processed foods such as milk, fish, meat, eggs, pasta, rice, pulses, veggies and fruits was related with lower risk of breast and overall cancer.

The consumption of white flour, white sugar, sugary foods, snacks and processed foods is extremely related with many chronic diseases including cancer, heart issues, diabetes etc.

Prevent the development of these diseases by avoiding ultra- processed foods!


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