When Rick Simpson brings out the cannabis oil, he assumed that the world was ready for this amazing news.
But, after a several attempts Rick realized this: The cancer industry doesn’t allow people to have a cure for cancer.
Rick was making the cannabis oil and share it with the people who needed it the most, without any cost. The people were cured of different diseases, including lung cancer.

In order to spread this amazing cure, Rick moved from Canada to Amsterdam, at first. But, now he tours around the world, helping the people.
Below you can watch his documentary.

The Constantly Disappearing Cannabis Research from 1974

In 1973, the Medical College of Virginia funded the National Institutes of Health (NIH), in order to prove that cannabis destroys brain cells and obstruct the immune system.
This was initiated by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to justify throwing of the cannabis users in the prison.
Unfortunately for them, the researchers discovered that healthy cells were not destroyed, only the cancer cells. The immune system was improved.
These results stopped the research.
In 1976, President Ford stopped all research on cannabis, but the one for Big Pharma’s try to create synthetic THC.
In 1996 and 2006, the Virginia medical college applied for grants to further research on cannabis, but they were denied both times.
Currently, in Israel, two large hospitals, Abarbanel and Sheba, are doing clinical studies on humans with cannabis. They are funded by the Israeli government.

Anecdotal Testimonies and Independent Studies Confirm Cannabis Cancer Efficacy and Safety

Cannabis is effective and safe, and that is obvious. It brings apoptosis on cancer cells. Apoptosis is cellular programmed cell death (PSD), which is a part of normal dying and replacing of the cells.
But, cancer cells don’t do apoptosis. They keep growing. Also, cannabinoids curb angiogenis, which are used by tumors to develop blood vessels that will supply them with glucose.
Cannabis actually, induces apoptosis to destroy cancer cells and inhibits anigiogenis to block their food supplies. At the same time, the healthy cells are not damaged.

Cannabis caveats: The least effective is smoking. Using a vaporizer is better. But, ingesting pastes or cannabis oils is the best approach.
Below is a video of “miracle baby” that was diagnosed with brain cancer. Luckily, the baby was completely cured with cannabis oil, after eight months.


Source: healthy-holistic-living.com