We all know that drinking water after waking up in the morning is the great way to start the day.

Health benefits of drinking water include detoxifying the body’s cells, electrolyte function, production of saliva, sweat, blood and mucus membranes, thinning the lymphatic fluid and blood and eye lubrication.

But did you know that there are wrong ways of drinking water? It is important to drink water properly, because it has so many health benefits.

Here, we will present you five wrong ways of drinking water.

drinking water the wrong way


Drinking a lot of water after you wake up

Every expert tells us to drink water after we wake up, but they don’t tell us how much.

If we drink too much water in the morning we are diluting the stomach acid, which diminishes the efficiency of the pancreatic enzymes and results with inflammation.

So, stick to one glass of water in the first 30 minutes in the morning.

Avoiding water before bedtime

Many of us avoid water before bedtime because we don’t want to interrupt our sleep and go to the toilet.

This is so wrong, because drinking one glass of water before sleep will reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke.

 Drinking water to beat hunger

People who try to lose weight drink water when they are hungry.

Maybe water will make you full at that moment, but you are consciously ruining your health.

Water is not a substitute for a meal, drink water, but eat some snacks or real meal.

Drinking while eating

Another common mistake is to drink water while eating.

A glass of water should be enough with your meal or 150 ml of water, but remember not cold water.

Drinking water during a meal helps the food to go down easy and also serve as a lubricant.

It is recommended to have one glass of water during the meal, and then wait at least one hour after the meal, to drink a new glass of water.

Drinking eight glasses of water daily

Almost every diet recommends eight glasses of water daily.

But, every person is different and need different amount of water, which depends on body weight, metabolism, kidney function, activity.
The only safe way is to drink one glass of water every two hours.

However, if you have heavy activities through the day you can take more glasses of water.