It is true that some poses deserve to be a part of your daily practice, and we think squats are among them. Squats are so effectively healing for your body that in certain cultures, they are more a way of life than something that you only practice during exercise. If you decide to do squats every day you will see what are we talking about here.

The strength, flexibility, power and balance that squats can provide you, should make this activity a primary in any routine. The varieties of squats let us perform this move every day, providing us a good recovery between workouts.

doing squats every day

Read about the reasons why we should consider including some squats in our everyday practice:

Increase strength.

Squats build power and strength in the hamstrings, glutes and quads, which are leading stabilizers when moving. The exercise also develops hip extension strength, which is essential to improve vertical jump. Squat exercise stimulates hormones that build muscles, which strengthen the whole body.

Get extensive definition in the butt and legs.

Squats target the hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes. The basic move is a fast way to frame lean muscles, which results in toned, tight limbs.

Reduce lower back pain.

Weight squats are an excellent way to increase the motion in ankles and hips and, which will help reduce knee and lower back pain. It’s an effective and safe way to increase mobility without disturbing the joints.

Tone and strengthen the core.

Doing weighted squats provokes the core to balance the body during the entire motion. The rectus abominus and transverse are deeply engaged, resulting in an athletic, flatter stomach! A solid, strong core will also reduce the risk of injury.

Improve posture.

Performing a weighted squat, you’ll have to engage the upper back to be able to stabilize the body during the exercise. And this will strengthen the muscles that are responsible for right posture.