When you go to sleep, probably the first thing that you do is to pull up the covers. We all enjoy to snuggle up under our favorite blanket and fall asleep.
That is nice to do in the winter, when the air is cold, the wind is howling outside and we are inside on warm and safe. But when the temperature rise outside, and in our room too, then we fold up the winter blankets and take out our lighter sheets.

Sleeping In A Cold Room Can Have Unexpected Health Benefits
But don’t hurry up to sleep in a warm bedroom. Many people have trouble falling asleep in the warm places, and studies also have shown that we can have a lot of unexpected health benefits if we sleep in a cooler environment. We already know all the benefits for our health, which depends on how we sleep, on which side we sleep etc.
Today we will reveal you one more trick for better and healthier sleep.
In the summer, on hot days, try sleeping with an air condition in your room or a fan. Maybe you are already doing this as an instinctual preference, but did you know that sleeping in a cooler environment is a great choice with a numerous health benefits.

Benefits Of Sleeping In A Cold Room

1. Helps You Relax And Sleep Better

When we sleep, the internal temperature of our body drops lightly, and the lower the temperature is we feel sleepier.
In a cold room, body temperature drops faster and we fall asleep quickly.
Also the weight of the blanket makes us feel secure and safe, and we feel relaxed.

2. Improves Physical And Mental Health

Maybe falling asleep quickly and feeling safe under the blanket looks like a small thing, but actually they are very important for our mental and physical health.
Issues connected to anxiety, sleep apnea and fibromyalgia have been stopped by dropping the room temperature and adding a blanket.

3. A Cool Room Will Help Manage Weight

Did you know that a cooler temperature in your bedroom can raise your metabolism rates?

When the body is cold, the brown fat (also known as “good fat”) increases and produces more heat than the other body parts, burning off calories and extra sugars.

4. It Will Keep Your Head Cool

When the room is cold, and your body is under the blanket, your head is exposed and you stay at a constant and comfortable temperature.
If the room temperature is high you can feel that you need an extra air and have problems to sleep.

5. You’ll Get Your Beauty Sleep

If we sleep deep and enough then our body release ideal concentrations of melatonin.
Melatonin is an anti-aging hormone, that will boost your mood and your look too.

Tips That Will Help You Keep Cool

#1: Get The Temperature Right


The ideal temperature in your bedroom should be between 60 -67 degrees.
Then you are getting the most out of the time asleep.
Rooms that are too hot, or too cold, especially above 75 and under 54 degrees are not good for sleeping.

#2: Stick Your Feet Out

Just like the head, the feet are also an excellent temperature regulator.
So if the temperature is high and you are feeling overheated, put your feet out the blanket and your body will cool off.

#3: Be Careful With Memory Foam

If you are using a memory foam, that retains the shape of the head, it is time to think to swap it for a traditional pillow, especially in the summer, because this kind of pillow retain a lot of heat.

#4: Sleep Naked (Or Almost Naked)

Less clothing while you are sleeping means less insulation and of course less heat.
Too much clothes can feel you discomforted and can interrupt your sleep.

#5: Use A Fan

Now that we know that is better to sleep in a cool room, it’s up to you, will you sleep with the windows open or you will invest in a fan, a great solution for a hot night.

We hope you will have deep and good sleep this summer.


Source: littlethings.com