The dandelion plant is very interesting because it is widely spread and easily available. All parts of this plant are edible and have culinary and medicinal uses. Here we are presenting a recipe of a natural dandelion remedy that has incredible health benefits.
Since its spring now, you can find dandelions almost in every yard dominating with their beautiful yellow color.

dandelion potion

For this remedy you will need:

• Fresh dandelion with all its parts: root, leaves and flowers
• 35-45 °C alcohol (vodka for example)


Pick up the fresh dandelions from a place far from the road. Don’t forget to pick them up together with the root because is their most healing part. Rinse them well and lay them out on a towel to dry. Then cut them into very tiny pieces or blend them in a blender. Put the dandelions into a jar and pour over the alcohol until the jar is full.
Note: Pay attention to put half part of the roots and half part of flowers and leaves of dandelions.
Close the jar tightly and leave it at room temperature away from direct sunlight for 3 weeks. From time to time shake the mixture. After 3 weeks, strain the potion through a fine mesh strainer. This way you’ll get the concentrated potion full with all beneficial compounds of dandelion. Pour the potion in a glass bottle and keep it in a dark place.

This potion is used for rheumatoid arthritis and is especially efficient for strengthening the kidney function and cleaning and healing the liver after hepatitis c.
Regular usage of this potion may lower the bad cholesterol, regulate the high blood pressure and generally clean the blood for which it was used for centuries.
Herbalists advise using dandelion for female illnesses, menopause issues, nursing problems, cysts and allergies.
It is recommended to diabetician for naturally balancing the insulin levels.
Dandelion has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
New studies have reported that dandelion may help with different types of cancer, especially with breast, prostate and skin cancer.
Dandelion helps the body get rid of the toxins which make us tired and sleepy. With regular use of this remedy you’ll feel your energy and strength getting back.

The dandelion extract received in this way is rich in vitamins A, C, B2, D, E, then kalium, natrium, calcium, phosphorus and iron.
Use this potion 20-30 drop in a half a cup of water 3 times a day. After 3 months usage, make a break.