Vernon Johnston was diagnosed with prostate cancer stage IV, which metastasized to his bones. The doctors said that he has not much time left, but after a couple of weeks he healed completely.
So, now we are wondering can baking soda actually cure cancer? Because this simple and cheap ingredient is what this man has been used for treating his cancer.
Johnston’s brother had suggested cesium chloride, which is a type of salt that is derived from caesium in order to higher the pH value in the body. But, this remedy got lost somewhere in the mail. So, Johnston turned to an alternative mechanism called “high pH therapy” with molasses and baking soda to cure cancer. He was very persistent to kill the cancer before it kills him.


Here is the protocol he has been following and has been written in his diary:

1. Buy baking soda that is aluminium free (Arm & Hammer for example.)
2. Buy blackstrap molasses
3. Get pH test strips
4. Buy some good brand of potassium
5. Make a mixture of 1 tsp. baking soda and 1 tsp. molasses in 1 cup of water
6. Drink this concoction once a day in a 5 day period of time. ( Always drink the concoction 2 hours after or before a meal.)
7. Test your pH very often: your urine and your saliva as well. (The pH level must be brought to 7.2-7.5 which is the normal level. At this level cancer cells will go dormant, and on 8.0-8.5 they should die.)
8. On the 6th day mix 2 tsp. baking soda and 2 tsp. molasses in 1 cup of water. Drink this twice a day for 7 days.
(At this stage you may feel a little queasy and nauseous, and you may notice that your stool is yellowish. All of this is expected. There are changes in your body that are bad for the cancer.)
9. On the 8th day start drinking this mixture 3 times daily for 11 days.
(You should expect some diarrhea and weakness. That’s why taking potassium daily may help you to get some energy. On the 9th or 10th day you may experience night sweats.)
With this treatment you are trying to get your pH level to 8.0-8.5. If you have very strong side effects go back to drinking the mixture two times a day, and when you feel better go back again to 3 times daily.
10. On the 12th day you can finish consuming the baking soda remedy, if you think you are cured.
Johnston’s story confirms that this all-natural treatment has worked successfully for him. A few months later when he obtained the terminal diagnosis, the cancer had subsided from his bones and his prostate area as well. Today he is alive, telling his story worldwide.