Dr. Jones was researching studies related to people that suffer from cancer, more than two decades.
At the end he concludes that the cancer industry, with all participants as Big Pharma, doctors, healthcare, pharmacy share the profit from “regular” cancer treatment.
This treatment includes taking chemotherapy toxins, radiating the body or removal of body parts.

Dr. Jones says that most of the cancer patients exposed to chemotherapy will die faster and in big pain, compared to patients that reject this toxic treatment.
He researched that people who don’t practice chemotherapy actually live 12 years longer. His study was published in the New York Academy of Sciences journal. Patients who choose to practice chemotherapy usually die after 3 years, and many of them die after a few months.
Breast cancer patients who don’t receive chemotherapy live four times longer than those who receive it.
Another study from 1979 published in the American Medical Association Journal, pointed that most of the popular treatments used for treating breast cancer didn’t have positive effects.
The same conclusion gave two studies, in the period when Big Pharma didn’t have so big influence. A study published 35 years ago in the Lancer, Britain, and other from 1978 from Israel.
The truth is that cancer patients actually die from chemotherapy treatment and not from cancer effects. Chemotherapy is treatment focused on killing healthy cells in the body, in order to prevent cancer spreading.
The majority of patients died of malnutrition. The cells affected by cancer absorb all the nutrients and obstruct the work of the immune system, which become so weak that can’t defend from any threat.
According to Allen Levin, MD, UCSF, modern medicine has the cure for the cancer but it is hidden. The reason is simple – it cost too much. One treatment can cost up to 1 million dollars.
People who are planning to practice chemotherapy, and not only they, should read a book “The Doctor in the House” by German epidemiologist Dr. Ulrich Abel. He made a research of all studies related to cancer and chemotherapy. The conclusions are really surprising and shocking.


Source: healthandlovepage.com