Aloe Vera is known for its useful properties and is used as most common ingredient in the beauty products.
But you don’t have to spend money on expensive products, all you have to do is to try this amazing trick, and your skin will be soft and glowing.

This method can’t be simpler, all you need is one ingredient – Aloe Vera, and the results will amaze you.


These are the steps you should follow:

1. Wash Thoroughly
Wash the plant well with water but don’t peel it.

2. Soften it
It would be the best if you soften the leaf. You can thumping it softly or you can use a roller.

3. Cut it into two
After the leaf is soften, cut it into two. Don’t cut large piece, try to choose the right amount.

4. Cut the edges
First cut the edges of the leaf with a knife. Cut it from the both sides, and you can easily peel the leaf.

5. Split it into two
Using your hands split the open leaf. If you have trouble use a knife to split it.

6. Scrape out the juice
With a spoon, scrape out the juice from the leaf and collect it in a container.

7. Rub all over your face
Gently, with your fingers apply the Aloe Vera juice on your face. You can even use the leaf to rub the juice. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes to dry.

8. Wash your face
When the mask is dry, you can peel it off. Then, wash the face, only with water, without any chemicals for face washing.