Probably many of you have already heard about a girl that pours a bottle of Coca Cola on her hair. In this article you will find out if this is true, and what will happen if you do this, will you get delightful twists and curls?
People have been using Coca Cola for different purposes, and getting hair curls is the newest. Actually, in this case, Coca Cola did not really curl the hair, it just draws out the normal hair twist.

She Pours Bottle Of Coke Over Her Hair The Results of That Will Amaze You
What is the mystery? Coca Cola is full with phosphoric acid. That means that Coke has a low pH level (Classic Coca Cola has a 2.5 pH). When Coca Cola makes contact with the hair, it causes the hair cuticle or in other words, it makes the hair tighten, which makes it look shinier and smoother.
This implies that hair prone to twist will have its curl enhanced. So, when you apply Coca Cola to the hair, the cuticle tightens, and the hair looks smoother with more characteristic twists.
And when the sugar connects with the hair, it will make it look fuller.
This method is simple: Just apply the Coca Cola to the hair, and let it stay, for a 5-10 minutes. Then wash the hair regularly with the shampoo. This is very important, because the sugar from the Coke could make your hair sticky or dried up, if you don’t wash it well.
At the end, think twice is it necessary to try this method just to get curly hair?