In recent times people are more concerned than ever about their health, but remaining young is connected to more mental than to physical health. Shaolin monks are well known for their sedate lifestyle and gaining advice from one may help people make healthier lifestyle choices even in the center of a modern life. This is a list from a Shaolin monk of ten rules to follow in order to remain young forever:

1. Stop thinking too much. According to Shaolin monks, thinking takes your energy and can after all make you look older.

2. Stop talking too much. It’s better to take some action than just talk.

3. Most busy people forget or ignore to have a 10 minute break and recover the health of the body and mind. Shaolin monks advise to take a break after 40 minutes of hard work in order to restore the necessary energy.

shaolin monks-remain young forever

4. Controlling your happiness is an imperative, if you don’t control it your lung energy will suffer.

5. Don’t get angry or worry too much because this harms your intestines and your liver.

6. Don’t exaggerate when eating food. Too much food can harm your spleen.

7. When doing something, take your time. If you want to stay young forever follow this advice and don’t hurry too much.

8. Doing a physical workout without Qigong (aligning breath, body and mind) makes you lose balance and lead to impatience. Balancing the Yang and the Yin can only be achieved through a combination of meditation and exercise.

9. If you don’t do exercise, just meditation, then you will lose your Yang energy.

10. Shaolin Gong Fu training has the purpose to balance the Yin and the Yang. How many hours it will take is not important. The thing that is important is what our body needs.