Did you know that the aluminum foil besides the usage in your kitchen is also good for curing some diseases? If you suffer from back, neck, shoulder, knees or heel pain, just place an aluminum foil on the hurting spot and you’ll be amazed by the results.
For a long time Russian and Chinese healers and also Freud’s student, Wilhelm Raich healed patients with this method.

Say Goodbye To Pain With The Help Of Aluminum Foil
The treatment is very easy, put the aluminum foil on the painful spot and fix it well.
With aluminum foil method you can treat different kinds of pain problems: back pain, neck osteochondrosis, arm pain, sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis, ankle pain and salt deposits. Also, you can heal postoperative scars.

Chinese healers’ advice is to repeat this treatment for 10-12 days. When you put the aluminum foil, keep it on the whole day, or whole night. You should take a pause of 7-14 days, if you want to repeat the treatment again.
Because of the anti-inflammatory characteristic, the aluminum foil also can be used for treating colds. Take 5-7 layers of foil, and place a cotton cloth or paper between every layer. You should keep the layers on for 1 hour, then remove them, and after 2 hours put them back on. Repeat this procedure every day, 3 times a day for a week.
The Russian scientist A.V.Skvorcov explains the healing process with aluminum foil. The human organism has special stem cells that are moving according to the Earth stem. This energy field may become deformed and then the feeding of the stem cells also becomes abnormal. The disturbed interaction between the field and the cells can be eliminated with aluminum foil. Also, very important, the aluminum foil doesn’t allow entering of the negative radiation into our bodies.