Chronic pain affects more and more people. There are different factors for this condition but arthritis is the most common. Arthritis shows as a result of an inflammation of the joints.
Luckily, arthritis symptoms can be reduced in a natural way.



Blue Essential Oil Blend

There are numerous ointments and essential oils that are beneficial for reducing inflammation and joint pain caused by arthritis. One combination is extremely powerful and it combines several plants. This blend is made from peppermint, camphor, wintergreen, blue tansy, helichrysum, blue chamomile and osmanthus. With a help of this natural blend you will reduce joint and also muscle discomfort.
It is important to know, when using essential oils, the best is to mix them with a carrier oil, than to be used directly on the affected area.
People who have tried Blue essential oil said only positive things.

A woman said that she mixed the Blue essential oil (2-3 drops) with a small dosage of Fractionated Coconut Oil and massage this mixture onto her knee. She was surprised when she awaked the next morning, because after a long time she had a normal sleep, without waking up with the pain.
She claims that she used the Blue essential oil blend only five times and reduced the pain in her knee from 97% down to only 3%. She used Blue essential oil for her lower back pain and also for sciatic pain. The effects were the same as the knee pain. The inflammation and the pain were decreased.

Note: A significant aspect of oil blends or essential oils is their quality and purity.

Precautions: It is necessary to dilute this blend before you use it, because it is made of strong oils. Also, you should check your skin sensitivity, and don’t try it on children.

Important: This blend gives a different effect in different persons. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a doctor before you decide to use it.