There are many medications and laxative teas that help remove toxins and waste from our body. However, some natural remedies are far more effective than these medications and the most important thing is that there are no side effects from them.

Remove The Stuck Poop From Your Intestines And Lose 3kg In One Day With This Natural Laxative
The prunes are extremely high in fiber and they can ease irregularity in a very short time and help to soften the stool. Therefore, the prunes are well known as an excellent natural laxative.

100% Natural Laxative Remedy

Needed ingredients:
• 5 cups boiled water
• 1 cup (150g) dates
• 1 cup (150g) plums

The preparation of this completely natural and highly effective remedy is very simple and fast. In a boiling water place the prunes and dates, which you have previously cut into small pieces. Let it simmer for around 15 minutes until it minimizes and your healing mixture is ready for consumption.
You should eat this mixture in the morning. Combine it with everything (yogurt, cereal, a piece of bread, smoothie etc.).
Also, you can place 5-6 plums in a glass of water, leave them overnight and eat them in the morning.

Additional suggestions:
• Drink a plenty of water while consuming foods rich in fiber to help prevent irregularity.
• Also, lemon water works great against defecation and softens the stool.
• You should try doing specific yoga positions, or drink tea from senna leaves. Just remember that you should increase the fiber in your everyday nutrition.