Skin warts are benign tumor growth of the skin. They are soft nodules which size is between few millimeters to an inch. The color is the same as the skin, in some cases maybe lightly pigmented.
Warts aren’t dangerous for the health, except they can be an aesthetic issue if they appear on the visible area.
Warts usually grow in middle aged people in places where the skin ages. Most usual areas are the neck, armpits, under the breast, eyelids, belly, and groin.


Apple cider vinegar for removing fibroma

Apple cider vinegar is the most effective natural remedy.
It has been used for centuries for many issues, including fibroma, because of its acidity.
Before you decide to use this method remember do not use apple cider vinegar around your eyes.

Removing fibroma:

First clean well the area where the fibroma is. Clean it with mild soap and water.
Then soak the fibroma for 15 minutes, in the water. Then dry it.
Apply the cotton, previously soaked in the apple cider vinegar, on the fibroma. You can fix it with a bandage or plaster.
Leave it that way for about 15 minutes and wash it well.
Repeat this process several days, 3 times a day.
The fibroma should become darker and it will fall off.
To prevent scar appearance use Aloe Vera gel or marigold ointment.

If the scab appears, stop using apple cider vinegar.
The wart should fall off by itself, do not remove it.


Source: healthylifevision