In today’s article we will present you 3 day method for cleaning the whole body from toxins.
Despite the fact that processed and fast food is unhealthy, it is hard to avoid it, and we still consume it.
Before this treatment you shouldn’t consume dairy products for a whole two days.

Remove Excess Fat And Water All Toxins And Prevent Cancer In Just 3 Days
Dairy products contain chemicals and toxins that should be cleaned before you start to clean the lungs.
For this method, a night before you will need to consume a cup of laxative herbal tea. This tea will clean the intestines from toxins and waste, which can cause constipation.
The next morning, in a cup of water squeeze 2 lemons. Drink it before breakfast. During this method you should consume alkaline foods.
After the breakfast, drink 1, 5 cups of fresh grapefruit juice. If you don’t like grapefruit taste you can replace it with pineapple or fresh water. They are both full with antioxidants, same like grapefruit and it will boost the health of the respiratory system.
Between the breakfast and your lunch consume 1 – 1/5 cups of carrot juice (pure). Large amounts of beta carotene in carrots will alkalize the blood.
The next beverage is freshly prepared juice from spinach, celery, carrots, parsley and sea greens. Consume 1.5 cups of this mixture with the lunch. The presence of potassium will detoxify the body.
One hour before the dinner consume 1 cup of mucus cleaning tea.
Before bed drink 350 ml of cranberry juice, which is good for the blood and urine and it will eliminate bacteria in the lungs.

This procedure is the same for all 3 days. The results are: eliminated toxins, water, fat, totally detoxified body and clean lungs.