Beets are a root vegetable that is well known for its high nutrient content. The amazing nutritional value of beets is kept even if it is consumed after being cooked.

This vegetable has impressive medicinal properties and it has been used in the treatment of many health issues, including indigestion, constipation, anemia, kidney problems, piles, and gallbladder disorders. Plus, the regular consumption of beets can be beneficial in cases of macular degeneration, heart disease, respiratory issues, cataracts, poor circulation, skin conditions, dandruff, and even cancer.

This Is The Nutritional Profile of Beets:

• 6% of vitamin B6
• 7% of iron
• 8% of vitamin C
• 9% of phosphorus
• 10% of magnesium
• 14% of fiber
• 14% of copper
• 15% of potassium
• 28% of manganese
• 34% of folate
• 75 calories

All these nutrients are found in only 1 cup of beets.

Reasons Why You Should Include This Veggie in Your Everyday Nutrition:

• The large amount of betalains and polyphenols present in beets helps in reversing oxidative stress and damage of free radicals.
• Consuming it regularly, beets can improve digestion and metabolism due to their abundance in fiber.
• Beets are rich in nitrates that actually transform into nitrites when become metabolized. Many studies have shown that nitrites can enhance blood flow and carry oxygen in the whole body. Hence, the scientists concluded that this vegetable is a great preventative tool against dementia.
• The folic acid found in beets induces the production of new, healthy cells, which help rejuvenate the entire body.
• Phosphorus and iron in beets gives energy boost; the high copper content prevents free radical damage; potassium and folate support heart health; iodine helps in thyroid hormone biosynthesis and magnesium supports healthy bones.
• The beets contain more pectin than carrots and apples. Pectin has an ability to block the spreading of harmful bacteria in the intestines, preventing the development of many diseases. Plus, this compound can help eliminate any radioactive metal or toxic materials from the organism.
• Beets are rich in cobalt, which induces the production of vitamin B12. This vitamin is crucial in red blood cell formation.
• The betalin pigments that beets contain help in removing the toxic waste from the organism.
• B complex vitamins found in this veggie can strengthen the capillary walls.
• This vegetable possesses betacyanins, which is a substance that may inhibit cancerous cell growth.
You have already seen that beets have many healing properties and you don’t’ need any more reason to include this amazing vegetable in your everyday diet in order to improve your health and prevent many diseases.


Source: dailyhealthkeeper