Both your legs can be affected by this issue and may include the thighs and the calves. However, the most important thing is that you should cut down on fast and processed fast foods, because they are full of salt.

When fluid retains in the spaces between your body cells, swollen legs, feet and ankles occur.
Fluid retention or also known as edema, usually impacts the lower legs, ankles and feet, but it can also affects any area of the body and thus causing systematic symptoms.


As the day progresses, the legs, ankles and feet will appear swollen at the beginning, but after a certain period of time, the swelling will appear in the morning and getting worsen during the rest of the day.
You will notice an indentation in that when you press on the swollen area. Skin ulcerations can be caused by continued swelling.

The Most Effective Home Remedies For Ankle Swelling

Cold Pack

Set your leg straight in front of you on the chair or sofa and then place an ice plastic bag or ice pack on the raised ankle.
A bag of frozen green beans or peas, cold gel pack, a crushed ice in a plastic bag can significantly control the swelling.
Refreeze the pack when it warms up and apply it later.



Sit and stretch your leg in front of you, and then rotate it 10-15 times in an anti clock wise direction and then in the same way in a clockwise direction.
This exercise significantly improves blood circulation and reduces swelling of your feet.

Foods Rich in Vitamin E

People who suffer from this issue (or swelling feet during pregnancy) should increase the consumption of foods rich in Vitamin E – wheat germs, sunflower seeds, sweet potato, almond oil and spinach.
Resting or Sleeping in side turn or in one direction of your body and keeping the legs raised using soft cushion especially decreases swelling of your feet.

Lecithin Seeds

Consume 3-4 tbsp of this seed for 2-3 months in order to treat swelling feet during pregnancy.


Place a slice of this veggie on the foot and then cover it with bandage or cotton cloth. It speeds up recovery and absorbs fluids.


Cold vinegar wraps are ideal for strains, sprains, tendinitis and general foot ache. Heat equal amounts of water and vinegar, soak a towel in this mixture and then wrap it around the foot.
Let it act for 5 min and repeat the procedure 3 times a day.


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