Ideally, night sleep is 8 hours, but many of us sleep less, and when we wake up we are exhausted like we didn’t sleep at all!
This is not the problem only for older people but, many young people feel the same problem too. Fast life and stress are causing lack of sleep.
We believe if we sleep 6 or even 7 hours, the difference from one hour is not a problem. But it is opposite, that one hour makes a huge difference and affects our health.

Put This Incredible Mixture Under Your Tongue Before You Go To Bed And You Will Never Wake Up Tired
The recommended 8 hours of sleep, recharge the lost energy to our body. The energy that we lost through the day, we try to get it back with caffeine, which is only temporary, we feel a boost of energy for a short time, and then the situation is worse.
For a good night’s sleep it is very important not to work on a computer or watch TV at least an hour before bed. If you work or watch TV then your brain is active, and it needs time to calm down, and that’s why we can’t fall asleep right away.
Today, we will show you an effective remedy that will help you with your sleeping issues and the next day you will have the needed energy.
And you already have the ingredients at home.
The secret ingredient for this natural remedy is the Himalayan sea salt.
This amazing salt regulates the levels of melatonin, which is a crucial hormone for a good sleep. Also, the Himalayan salt helps against depression, because it influences the levels of serotonin (neurotransmitter). Also, it stimulates the function of the adrenal glands to combat diseases, successfully fights migraines and gives a fantastic result as an eliminator of excess weight.

This is the way how to prepare this natural sleep remedy:

Needed ingredients:
• one tablespoon of pink Himalayan sea salt
• five teaspoons of raw honey (organic)

Mix the honey with the Himalayan salt in a glass jar. Before you go to bed, put one teaspoon of this mix under your tongue.

With this trick you will fall asleep almost instantly, and when you will wake up, the next morning you will feel fresh and full with energy.
This remedy helps you to fall asleep fast and wake up energized.