Leg cramps as well as restless leg syndrome are issues that occur during the night and often lead to frustration, pain and troubles falling asleep.
Neurological issue causes unpleasant feeling and discomfort in the legs, but its root cause is still unknown.
Yet, some cases have been related to it – alcohol consumption, diabetes, kidney failure, pregnancy and medication use.

On the other side, Charley horses (nightly leg cramps) occur when a person is trying to fall asleep and unlike in the situation with restless leg syndrome, moving your leg won’t soothe the discomfort, but only intensify the pain.
Excessive exercises, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and dehydration can cause leg cramps.
However, warm shower or bath, massage, high amounts of water and proper diet can solve this issue.
Today we will present you the most effective way for this issue. Keep reading.
Place a bar of soap under your sheet!
This powerful technique was tried by 42% of the people suffering from leg cramps and all of them say that it really works.
The experts can not find the reasons for its effect but it is believed that the presence of magnesium in the soap gives the positive results, as this mineral is the leading cause of this issues.
You can also relax your muscles by using lavender soap. The video below will additionally explain you the technique:



Source: healthyfoodhouse.com