Mosquitoes are definitely the most annoying insects during hot summer days. In fact, they are also the most dangerous animals on the plant because they spread killer diseases. Many people have allergic reactions to them so they use different chemicals and toxins in order to keep them away.
Surprisingly, there are different natural and extremely effective ways that will help you get rid of these insects without any side effect:

1. Catnip

This herb belongs to the mint family and it is also famous for having drug-like effects on cats. Catnip is definitely one of the most effective insect repellants.

2. Lemon Balm

Recognizable by its citrusy and gentle scent and white flowers, this herb is another member in the mint family that also represents strong insect repellent.

3. Basil

According to the study that was conducted in 2009, this tasty herb is toxic to mosquito larvae.

4. Lavender

This aromatic herb has been used for its relaxing properties and aromatherapy for centuries. The essential oil for this amazing herb is extremely effective natural repellent.

5. Citrosum

Due to its strong smell, this mosquito plant is extremely effective when rubbed into your skin. However, some of the researchers claim that it is less effective than the other herbs.

6. Peppermint

You can kill mosquito larvae and keep mosquitoes at bay by using concentrated peppermint oil.

7. Rosemary and 8. Sage

You will drive away mosquitoes and other insects by burning these two herbs. Do not forget to bring some herbs and toss into the flame if you are planning a summer bonfire.
You can also opt for electric bug zappers and organic bug repellants.
Calamine lotion can be a real life saver when you end up scratching at mosquito bites. Do not forget that you can lead to infections or scarring if you scratch too hard!


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