Many newcomers that have moved to America are facing one problem-getting fat in a short period of time. Manuel Villacorta is a Peruvian health expert and here he explains how he established Peruvian superfoods in order to fight against getting excess pounds.
Soon after he moved to America, he gained 25 extra pounds. As a nutritionist, he knew how this had happened. Therefore, to fight his weight gain, he developed a diet plan that consists of Peruvian superfoods, which were used in the Incas nutrition thousands of years ago.

peruvian superfoods
Villacorta said that he defines superfoods as foods which, besides nutritional value have something extraordinary to offer, such as inflammatory effects, phytochemicals, antioxidants etc.
His new diet plan was published in his book “Whole Body Reboot”.
According to this book, the transformation of your body and your health can be done with Peruvian superfoods, found from the Andes to the great Amazon.
Mr. Villacorta explains that just like the Mediterranean diet, the Peruvian superfood program also consists of delicious and nutritious colorful grains, fruits and vegetables. For example, he suggests eating seeds like flax, chia and sacha inchi, all of them rich in omega 3’s that are of great importance in fighting inflammation in the organism that leads to accumulation of fats, particularly around the waist as well as internal organs.

His choices for more colorful superfood are antioxidant-charged purple potatoes and purple corn that can help against metabolic syndrome and diabetes.
His nutrition plan also includes some recipes for brownies made of cacao, quinoa, coconut oil, gluten-free flour and walnuts.
And for resetting your system and detoxing, he has a healthy green smoothie recipe with spinach, cilantro, kale, pineapple, avocado, and coconut water.

And if you are concerned that his meals are too exotic for you, don’t worry, he has designed these meals to be a powered-up versions of everyday traditional American dishes.