Marijuana can treat numerous medical conditions, from glaucoma to insomnia, and that’s why it becomes more recognized as a helpful medical product, by the public and medicinal professionals too.
One of the best use is as a painkiller. It calms different types of pain, like injuries, pain caused by chemo and inflammatory diseases.

Painkilling Marijuana Tampons Are About To End Awful Period Cramps
A company, named Foria, is focused on producing original cannabis products. The latest invention is cannabis tampons that will end painful periods.

Cannabis Tampons

Foria launched this product named Foria Relief. These are not typical tampons. They can be inserted in a similar way, and can be used along with classic tampons.
Foria Relief tampons are made of natural ingredients: THC oil, cocoa butter and CBD isolate. Foria says that the combination of THC oil and CBD isolate is activating several cannabinoid receptors in the pelvic region, immediately when they are inserted in the human body.
This effect reduces the pain which comes with menstruation. The cannabinoids makes the nerves in the cervix, uterus and ovaries to prevent pain. Also, it relaxes the muscle tissue and increases comfort.

Use It in This Way

Foria Relief is made to relieve pain in the area where it is put. You can soothe pain in the womb area by inserting it vaginally, but there are people which have tried to insert it rectally to soothe the pain in the back, hip area and places that menstruation also affects.
In most cases, after inserting Foria Relies, the pain calms approximately 15-30 minutes. If you are using it together with a tampon, then you have to insert the Foria Relief first. You may have a leakage several minutes after inserting Foria, but that is cocoa butter that melts after use.
When you aren’t using these Foria Relief tampons, you need to store them in a fridge, or at some dry and cool place, because at a room temperature they will melt.