Everyone likes to have beautiful, vibrant and healthy hair. There are many treatments that provide quick hair growth and also nourish the hair, but usually they are expensive and ineffective.

Now Grow Your Hair At Home And Leave All Doctors Speechless

In this article we will show you a homemade recipe that will enhance hair growth and also improve its quality.

Here is the Recipe:

When people lose 50 to 100 strands of hair per day that is normal, but if you lose much more hair every day then you should be concerned.

You Will Need These Ingredients:
• Half a banana
• One tablespoon of organic honey
• One egg yolk
• Half a glass of beer

Method of Preparation:
Mix all the ingredients to get a compound mixture.
Be careful as the blend should be homogeneous. You should receive a creamy mixture so you could use it rightly.

Apply this remedy on bald patches and let it sit on for a couple of hours. It is possible to feel a little warming sensation in that area, which means that the cure is entering the dermis and acts as it should. Wash your hair in your usual way after a few hours.
For obtaining the best results do this treatment once a week.


Source: supertastyrecipes.com