One of the most addictive habits is smoking. It is estimated that one-third of cancer deaths is caused by smoking. Also one-four of all causes of the heart attacks. Quit smoking is very hard, and for most of the people almost impossible.
But, there is never a bad time to decide to stop smoking. Lungs start immediately to repair the damage caused by smoking.
Before giving up, and continue to think that stop smoking is unworkable try this natural recipe. It is very effective.
You will stop smoking for good.

quit smoking naturally 1

These are the ingredients that you will need to make the recipe:

  •  30ml coconut oil
  • 20ml chamomile tea
  •  5 gr. oregano
  • 1/2 of grapefruit
  •  1/2 of orange
  •  30ml jojoba oil
  •  30ml olive oil

Preparation method is very simple:

1. Squeeze the grapefruit and orange.
2. All the ingredients, along with the orange and grapefruit juices, mix them in a pot and stir until you get a homogeneous concoction.
3. When is done, you can put the prepared mixture in small tubs, so you can keep them close to you wherever you go
Whenever you feel a need for a cigarette, apply the mixture under the nose, or you can put a little bit of the mixture on cotton and inhale deeply.

Also, not bad to know:

There are also natural remedies that can make every try much easier. These remedies can reduce stress, strength the nervous system, keep in control hunger, and help in reducing dopamine but on a natural way. Here are some of them:oats, cayenne pepper, ginseng, ginger, St.John’s wort, hyssop.